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A black girl's unique and beautiful name.Smart,sweet,beautiful,and unique.She may be a little weird,but that's what makes her special.She is absolutely perfect in her own way.No one can replace her.She surrounds herself with people (no matter what race) who continuously bring up up and encourage her.Everyone loves her.She never gets in trouble and doesn't like to fight.Independent,but lonely sometimes.
Omg!Na'Joria's dog is so cute!

Na'Joria is my bestfriend!

No one should mess with Na'Joria because she doesn't mess with anyone.

Na'Joria is the quiet kid in class who makes good grades.

Na'Joria's dogs names are Lucky and Chub!So cute am I right?
by Cash_Me_OutsideHBD? February 08, 2017
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