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She is a very intelligent, polite, generous, and gorgeous young lady. As soon as you talk to her, she will amaze you with her words. She is the realist; down to earth girl you will come across. Her mind set is so unique and irreplaceable. Her personality is amazing. Her style and personality is so soft touch. She keeps her emotions bottled up because she too scared that somebody will judge her. Her anger and her pain is nothing that someone can relate to. She's so kind and beautiful that you don't realize it. She's been through tough times and overcame them and became the benevolent person that she is now.
I just meet this girl named, Na'Shanti, and the glow that she was is outrageous. She's so gorgeous and happy. I love her so much.
by Cashmoney🏝💸 June 08, 2017
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Nashanti is beautiful. She is very intelligent. She makes everyone that comes into her life happy. She brings happiness and joy to others. She can make you feel special in a way no one else can. She’s the best girlfriend, friend, family, etc. She likes to love you, but only if you really mean something to her. She’ll let you punish her when she’s naughty. She very protective over what’s hers . If you have a Nashanti, never ever let her go! She can be feisty at times. She comes with an attitude. And will be ready to fight. Nashanti is the type of person you’ll always want to be around. She can also please you very much with her freaky-ness. She loves to have “fun”.Nashanti is rare, one of a kind!
I just met this girl name Nashanti, she’s so amazing”!
by Kee🤘🏼💯 May 03, 2018
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