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Chinese word (那个) meaning "that one" but used as a common placeholder in conversations, much like "Err..." or "Um...". Its pronunciation is uncomfortably close to the english word "nigger". Has the capacity to create very awkward situations.
My uncle almost got beat up at the store today. He asked for a black employee to help him get an item high on a shelf, then started saying "Na ge! Na ge!" to show what he wanted.
by nagehage November 08, 2011
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another word used instead of no, nope, notta, etc.....when used must be said in sarcastic voice.
When asked "do you like me?"
you would respond with...."NAGE!"
by kylie me August 21, 2007
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Basically a dage - an outdoor daytime alcohol filled event enjoyed by college students - but at night.
Nage = night rage
Hey man do you want to go to the nage and get f***ed up tonight
by cereal333 May 23, 2017
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1. Another word to substitute for nigger. Spawned from an Asian mispelling nigger as na-ge through a text message.

2. Shortened version for "Nigger rage". Used to describe anyone throwing a huge tantrum of extreme rage
Damn look at those group of nages.

That's one fly ass nage


Ace, nage isn't how you spell nigger

He's going nage!
by zaniw May 17, 2011
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