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A team that is by far the laughing stock of the NHL!

A team that will NEVER win another Stanley Cup!

A team that bored the life out of hockey with "The Trap!"

A team that cried their poor little hearts out, to gain the rights to Scott Stevens, who didn't even want to play for NJ!

As the great one "Wayne Gretzky" himself said, "A Mickey Mouse Club!"

An NHL team with the stupidest and dumbest fans alive! How on earth can Devil fans be dumb enough to chant "Rangers Suck" when they aren't even playing the Rangers? Duh!!!

Satanic people root for Devils... Have fun in hell when you all die!

All female Devil fans are whores that cheat and/or will cheat on their lovers, and all male devil fans are bitches that paint their lovers toenails!
Devils suck!!!

If I was a loser, I would like the Devils!

The Rangers are a better team than those pitiful Devils!
Trevor: Man, I love the NJ Devils

Corinne: I do to!! they are great

Josh: wow

Trevor: I like the Devils, is there something wrong with that?

Josh: No, there is something wrong with you
by jbearr669 October 21, 2011
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