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A NIX P is someone who is unable to stick to a diet for longer than 4 hours, but claims to have a shredded god-like physique. A NIX P is typically in the friend zone with the ladies but claims to be a pussy magnet. A NIX P is that guy who is always dead broke but claims to have 25k in the bank. A NIX P is someone that loves to roast but gets emotional when he gets roasted. A NIX P is generally someone who continuously dribbles complete and utter bullshit to make himself look like someone he isn't.
Nathaniel started his diet today and already broke it, he's doing a NIX P.

My mate got called buddy by the chick he likes, he got NIX P'd.

I did a NIX P the other day and told this chick my bank is loaded.. I have to ask my parents for money.

That guy over there is such a NIX P, he's decked out in Gucci gear but can't afford a frozen coke from HJ's.

That guy has been going to the gym for 6 years but hasn't changed, is he doing a NIX P?
by Jason Genova August 03, 2017
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