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This phrase has been created by me (DAS FEZ) from a while ago. It means that shit is about to Pop off usually referring to when there will be a ghetto fight or some shit is gonna go down or when you're gonna get in trouble so you shouldn't stick around. During said fight it will go 0 to 100 just as a frog leaps without much warning. (pronounced Ne-gus get-in fro-ga) (Ne-Gas Get-Ing Fra_ggy.).
Ex) You throw a piece of trash and miss the can. A principal is behind you and says STAP! You proceed to say NIGGAS GETTING FROGGY!
another example is when two young blacks have a nigga moment and one of the crowd usually me says NIGGAS GETTING FROGGY ROLL OUT, however; in this situation i hesitate to roll out until some authority ruins the "fight" or "intense hugging".
Usage- Use this phrase in anticipation of scandalous shit that will go down displaying that you will either leave or stay to watch the stupidity.

Definition- Niggas gettin FroggyPhrase used to exclaim that some ratchet stuff is about to happen and that you should either leave or start recording.
by FUNZZZIES DASFEZ April 05, 2017
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