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The Northeast Lakes (NEL) region of NFTY includes Buffalo, Cleveland, Ottawa, Rochester and Toronto.

NFTY-NEL is known for its' 5 cluster fuck filled events with orgies around every corner. The amount of weed at one event resembles a Bob Marley tribute festival. NEL is filled with boujee white people who are convinced they can dance. They idolize two over stuffed frogs, making a tradition of stealing them then writing a sub-par ransom note. NEL's regional board is always convinced every year they'll be better than the last. In the end they always end up never accomplishing anything with cabinets. And are just following and doing the same thing in their positions as their predecessor did before them. Led by a regional director that changes every few years they always start by acting like they care about the promiscuity and drug use but quickly learn it's a waste of time. Despite all of this stereotypical boarding school sounding social lives, NEL has been consistently praised as an accepting and loving region that truly respects individuals. NEL is also known for being the starting point for many big name leaders in the NFTY movement and the URJ.
Jimmy: Hey! Are you signed up for that NFTY Northeast Lakes event?
Josh: Hell yeah! And I'm even bring a shit ton of weed for us to smoke together as well!
by David4269 February 20, 2018
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