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NDR (Non DNA Retardation) is a term used to identify a "disease" of the thinking brain typically associated with millenials. It is a slowing of the development of the mental, emotional and social body of the human species when raised by helicopter parents, lawnmower parents or snowplow parents who raise their children with entitlement, lack of resilience, lack of executive function and a diluted or deranged sense of reality.
A newly graduated architecture student walked into his first job and when asked what he expected as his starting salary, responded with a delusional answer of "$200,000." This is a prime example of NDR (Non DNA Retardation), when someone is totally out of touch with reality.
A girl grew up sheltered all her life with her parents coddling her by accommodating her weird food phobias, one of them being her dislike for sauce. When she grew up and went off to college, the girl dropped out because all the food in the cafeteria had sauce. Her condition is known as NDR (Non DNA Retardation) because she cannot adapt to new environments.
by Petra Pavlov September 04, 2019
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