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In reference to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, or NAIT. The syndrome affects any and all students who attend the facility, and even some pedestrians walking by. Common symptoms of NAIT Syndrome are severe mental retardation, loss of bowel control, and loss of previous education. NAIT syndrome actually makes an individual lose their high school education. Individuals who suffer from NAIT syndrome are not aware of their ailment, and the only known cure is to go back to any other school for the same number of years as they attended NAIT.
Someone without NAIT syndrome, "Hey could you open that door for me?"
NAIT student, "DERP!!" Shits pants and runs into door.

Someone without NAIT syndrome, "You might want to get rid of your NAIT syndrome."

NAIT student, "AHHH DERP!!" Shits pants.
by Deevoded January 11, 2011
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