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A Part of the YMCMB Lyfestyle, N'ing was originally concieved at WhiteRock Stunna island. N'ing is defined as a way to half assing things or if something is stupid or wrong.
Garrett Downes N'd the bosses M6 into a concrete pole

Garrett downes N'd his car into a ditch

Garrett downes spent the day N'ing his bumper
by Gdownes May 08, 2011
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Opposite of slang term 'night night. which is short for Goodnight. So in this case 'ning, is short for Good morning.
More used in conversations that occur between Midnight til 6 am for example.
"i hope you do good on your test later,have a good sleep,ning. "
"Alright have a nice rest,ciao, ning ning,sleep tight " (instead of night night )
by Mimi&Mimi October 14, 2011
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really awesomely jaw-droppingly hectically good when even Nang, hectic, boooohh!, boom, large, raaaaaaah, rowdy and GET IN! won't do. the ultimate expression of superlative excitement.
"Shit, bruv. there's a kiddy here at the door who says you've just won lottery! AND a saucy postcard from Beyonce sayin' she wants a piece of ya! oh and a telegram from the vatican! they've made you pope."

by riddimrak June 06, 2005
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Chinese word meaning "serenity," not "peace" as the social networking site of the same name claims. Also, a very common proper unisex Chinese name.
Li Ning is a famous Chinese gymnast and entrepreneur.
by ChouChouPangPang August 20, 2011
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"What's up you ning"
"Well that's a pile of ning"
"Your such a ninger"
"I'll punch you in the ning"
"Ning off!"
by ning-anator September 12, 2009
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it started as a genuine typo for 'innit' but it means so much more now. It's when 2 people really know what the other is saying, and are fully in tune and concur.
SL : That Cheryl is freaky!
C : Ning!
by Annaquay March 28, 2008
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the version of Facebook that is not blocked on school computers.
I am going to Ning it up during class today!
Ning me and we will talk.
Lets go ninging!
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