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Usually in the form of a video, their purpose seeming to be to let Myspace train owners know that you're still an active rider, to show loyalty and that you're truly gorgeous, (not just photoshop gorgeous, "I'm real" is often said) hence the name "proof". You can a lot of these on youtube. Most are under a minute long. Core information seems to be Myspace friend ID #, a view of the person's whole body/most of it, the day it was recorded and other cool things just thrown in so long as it's kept short and sweet.
Video version:

I hope this name is made up---->CAReBeARXk0r3: "Hello everybody It's me carebear! *plays with hair/ strikes a few poses* I'm just doing a myspace proof, so here I am! My friend ID is ######### (usually displayed in a note/sign/drawn on arm or other artistic medium like a cell phone or edited within the video) havin a sexxxie sweet time this August 18th! *grabs giant hello kitty plushie and hugs it to death, then proceeds to throw it across room* "ooohpshie!" *cute ending pose* "bah byeeee!" *waves*
by Popp!to3z August 17, 2008
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