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When you're lurking someone's comments on Myspace and you read something that really sparks your interest, and you decide you just HAVE to read the other part of the conversation. So what do you do? Go to the other person's page, lurk it up, and find yourself going back and forth from page to page being a creepsteroni.

Private profiles prevent Myspace Comment Tennis from happening.
Johnny's creepin around AmyAutopsy's profile & starts to read her comments when he comes across something tantalizing! A comment left by ChainsawChase that says "No fucking way!! He did WHAT?! AND HE PUT IT WHERE?!!" followed by another comment from Chase: "Oh whatever bitch, you need to learn how to keep your mouth off of other guys." Johnny decides this is too good to not read Amy's side of the convo, so he heads over to Chase's page and reads the comments that Amy left him, starting a nice game of Myspace Comment Tennis.
by lurksteroni May 06, 2007
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