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Wonderful, funny, lovable and entertaining. A being of total perfection. Peolpe who met her will never forget Mylee- she will remain in their thoughts and dreams forever.

She is wearing her heart on the sleeve, she is crazy and emotional. Some might call her unstable, i call it perfection. She's the girl that is always surrounded by caring people, she is the girl that makes a whole room light up with her smile, she is the kind of girl that calls you at 6 in the morning just to tell you she loves you, she is the girl that makes you feel better even on the worst day, she is the girl with the infectious laugh and she is also the stunning girl that amazes you with her beauty everytime you get to see her. Having an Mylee is the most memorable experience a person can ever make. Anyone who has lost Mylee knows that there is a huge piece of life missing that can not be replaced by anyone else.
guys friends: who is that girl you are with?
guy: Mylee Moyher, the love of my life
by streetlight22 November 09, 2011
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