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(Pronounced like "Midas Touch" but with a dropped "D").

Having the reverse Midas Touch curse: Everything you touch turns/goes to shit. Also, used for when you seem to be bad luck for other people as well. Often used in a rhetorical question about the state of ones own life or as a warning to other that your losing streak might be contagious.

Interchangeable with reverse midas touch.

See also gilligan, Bad Luck Barry, bad luck guy, Humphrey Hambone

Alternately, LITERALLY touching poo with your finger, not washing it, and then either touching things with your dirty digit or causing people to smell your dirty digit.
See also poo finger.
"A flat tire while I'm on the ass end of town AND no cell reception? What do I have today, the Myass touch?! Maybe that teenager over there with the red bandana on his head will let me use his phone..."

"Don't even shake my hand, Bro, I totally have the Myass touch today. If you touch me you'll prolly have your dog die or your mom get cancer or something."

"My day was going fine until you showed up. What do you have, the Myass touch?
Don't touch that its an antique!!! *crash*"
by The Neutral Christ June 09, 2010
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