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A myspace user who is aware of everything that being a myspacer entails, yet does not lower themselves to beg for comments, beg for picture comments or believe in and repost life-threatening bulletins. There are many other forms of bs floating around myspace, such as myspace husbands and wives etc, and this person refuses to engage in these rituals, using myspace purely as a communication forum to re-connect with old high school friends and friends who have since moved away to college etc. This type of myspace user may or may not check ones page everyday, but the prescence or lack of comments and messages will not affect this persons self esteem or bother them in any way.
My buddy Taylor doesn't care whether or not he gets new friends or comments at all, and he only has like 30 friends, and get this, he knows them personally! What a myspace realist.
by Brady Cabe April 21, 2006
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