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One of the most successful trolls in the MMORPG called 'Runescape'. My Goat Died began trolling the clan called "Catherby" with the help of his fellow troll and irl friend, Edible Zebra in August of 2010. He has added many targets to his trolling list but his main target is still Catherby. This guy is like a one man army, he has created over 250 accounts (with names like Beaver Guts, Pet Cannibal, Skin Factory and Limping Lime). He uses these accounts to clog the ignore/ban lists of his victims(each player can only have up to 100 players on their ban/ignore list) He is notorious throughout the community of the clan "Catherby" for his nonstop trolling and ban evasion. The reason for all this trolling, as Goat says is "to provide entertainment to the players of Catherby who have a sense of humor by trolling those without one."

Toward the end of 2010, he took a break from Catherby and joined "Clantast1c". He was well behaved in this clan until the owner banned him because of what he heard Goat had done to "Catherby". Goat retaliated by bringing his 250 account army to troll Clantast1c. Within a month, Clantast1c's owner closed the clan to all outsiders for fear of Goat wreaking any more havoc.

My Goat Died has since been trolling Catherby and Tezz.

Goat has trolled other clans, but not as persistently as Catherby, Clantast1c and Tezz.

Although My Goat Died trolls a lot, he is really a nice guy. He used to troll my clan, but we eventually became good friends.
Once your clan is targeted by My Goat Died, there isn't much you can do about it.
by Creepy Onion August 05, 2011
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