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A largely known norteño rapper from the west coast florida area. Currently locked up cuz he's so cool. A tattoo artist, and a man whore. cuz he's so pretty. great freestyler.

Lyrics to one song...
Talkin shit,
spilling lead.
Empty clips,
wearing red.
Thinkin that I'm tripping with that coke instead.
better leave just so you left....

Another One...
Bitches in the back,
see they dont even know where they be goin.
following the g's and i dont even think they know them.
but its all gravy just grab a random lady and maybe you'll be so as to lucky to get two...
drunk bitches makin moves goin up and down on you what the fuck you gonna do when you drunk a cup of goose feelin good to the booze you gonna wake up in the back of a caprice with your dickies to your knees saying bitch get offa me.....
jit 1: damnz can you understand my buddy roach?

jit 2: no but it sounds kool.
by glen and billy August 29, 2008
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