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My space ripped kids are basically teenagers usally between the ages of 13-17 that think there "ripped" or "buff" from having low body fat thus giving them a pothetic "six pack" that is only due to malnutrition. They generally have forearms no bigger than 5" inches and have no muscle tone at all. They are often in emo, skater boy and weird kid group. These idiots think there "six pack" gives them a right to take excess pictures of themselfs shirtless and post it on myspace/facebook. Total tools. often found on body building websites either trying to show off there "six packs" or asking on advice to get bigger biceps but not actually wanting to be really in shape.
1. My space ripped kid: I'm so sexy I have t3h six pax0rz!!!1

Real athlete: stfu you fucking tool and go back to puking in a toilet you emo skater prick
2. *body building looks at my space ripped kids profile* GET THE FUCK OFF MY INTERNETZ.
by Sexybeast293 July 06, 2009
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