It is usually answered when being asked, "what is the plot of demon slayer?". This would be an easy answer for answering this question, and would be a good alternative answer to the question, "what is the plot of demon slayer?"
What is the plot of demon slayer/kimetsu no yaiba?

My dog died-
by Cockboyy_699 December 2, 2019
A phrase used to get out of a situation that you don't want to be in. Works best if you have no dog to begin with, and the person doesn't know you all that well.
Steve "Kevin you wanna come over and watch Night at the Museum 2 with me and my parents?"
Kevin "Oh I would, but my dog just died."
by Cooolkid64 July 20, 2010
What a man says to the boys after having sexual intercourse with a woman
Hey Mr.Sudussy my dog died last night
by BigPappyTayTay November 3, 2022