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n. - the act of two or more people putting off or delaying an unpleasant or unwanted task by masterbating instead. The task can be the same or different for each person and the masterbation can be simultaneous, where by each perosn pleasures him or herself, or shared, whereby each person pleasures another person.

v. - mutual procrasterbating , mutually procrasterbate(d)

adv. - mutual procrasterbater

See also procrasterbation
Juan and Carla did not want to finish their chores, so instead, they engaged in mutual procrasterbation.

Peggy and her roomate Selma did not want to study for their mid-term, so they decided to mutually procrasterbate.

Sometimes during procrasterbation, Gary becomes bored by himself and invites his friend Omar for mutual procrasterbation.
by Wheredthecheesego? March 25, 2011
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