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The Mustafa Special is the most pleasurable sexual position that a man and a woman can perform. Developed over several years, the Mustafa Special is characterized by its incorporation of multiple erogenous zones, its sensual nature, and its relatively simple execution making it extremely pleasurable for both partners.

How to perform the Mustafa Special:
1. The woman lies down on her stomach.
2. Place a small pillow underneath the navel to angle up the woman's butt so as to expose her vagina.
3. The male enters her vagina
4. The woman puts her feet together. This tightens her vagina, enhancing the pleasure for both partners.
5. The man takes one hand and massages the woman's clitoris. The pillow creates space making this process relatively effortless.
6. The man leans forward putting his weight on the woman. Experience says that the woman prefers most if not all of a man's weight on top of her. A man can use his legs and free arm to adjust the amount of weight to the woman's preference.
7. While leaning on top of the woman, the man should proceed to lick and kiss the neck and ear (depending on the woman's preference).
8. (Optional) Creativity is encouraged with the remaining free hand hand. Common activities include running the hand down the woman's side or through her hair. A more sensual use of the hand is to grasp the woman's hand. This way a man can sense the woman's pleasure by her grip and can squeeze back to heighten the sexual connection.
Girl: What was that!?!? It was the best thing that has every happened to me.
Boy: Oh that? It's called the Mustafa Special.
by Visionary_Innovator January 19, 2011
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