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A Muskrat's Nest is defined as completely filling the toilet bowl with paper, even until the toilet paper is high and dry above the bowl line, and then defecating on top of the giant pile of toilet paper. A properly built nest can usually only be removed by the use of a spade shovel, as flushing at that point would prove all but impossible. By keeping the muskrat on top of the nest and not in the water, the vile stench of the muskrat can be allowed to permeate the entire venue. The muskrat's nest is intended as a practical joke, or as revenge for having been muskrat-nested. A Muskrat's Nest must be built with caution, as they are illegal in most states.
Rob: Hey Jake, the service at this restaurant totally sucks ass!

Jake: Yeah, you should totally go build a Muskrat's Nest in the men's room!

Rob: Fuck yeah! That'll teach 'em! In fact, I'll even do it in the lady's room!
by TheLordofHazard March 09, 2010
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