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Music Thief:
1.) Someone who hears a song on your playlist and catches that you say that it's your favorite song. They soon download the whole album and brag to you about how much they love it.

2.) Someone who listens to the music everyone else is listening to but wants to be "different" so they find a decent band an show all their friends and then that band is ruined because some stupid kid wanted to be different and now a bunch of other stupid kids are ruining it more.
Ex1. Girl With A Good Taste In Music- "This is my favorite song. It's called REDLIGHT DISTRICT by Porcelain and the Tramps."

Music Thief- "Ohh, it sounds cool. I dunno if it's my style or not..."

*3 days later*


Girl With A Good Taste In Music- "Would you shut up and go hang yourself from a ceiling fan? Industrial is NOT brutal. Do you even know what you're saying? Why don't you go ruin someone else's music because I actually LIKE this band, thanks."

Ex2. Stupid kid- "Everyone's listening to Forever The Sickest Kids. I want to be different. There's a shirt at my favoriitee store Hot Topic where all my stupid scene friends shop that says White Chapel. I should listen to them."

Appreciative listener- "NOOO DON'T TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME TOO!"

Stupid Kid- "Look at this cool band guys!"
Stupid kid's friends- "Like ohmygawd thats wicked br00tal. Let's be obnoxious and sport these t-shirts around and act like nobody understands or has heard the music we listen to because we are so different."

Appreciative listener- "Shit, now I have to take White Chapel off of my iPod..."
by Xeniilove October 09, 2010
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