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A person who is a extreme Muscle car lover, and the type that doesn't like anything that is foreign, aka a nationalist. Primary reason for their muscle car love is the "America, FUCK YEA" attitude. Uses derogatory words to describe anything from Japan or Europe. Thinks that engine power is the only aspect of a performance car. Can be seen doing burnouts in a beat up automatic 94 mustang, which later gets smoked by a Subaru Impreza wagon with half the displacement and cylinders. Doesn't get the point of "handling". Thinks that all import cars are Honda Civics. Not to be confused with a car enthusiast.
Subaru Wagon driver: "Hey is that the 5.0?"

Muscle car Junkie: "no, its a 4.6, too much for you to handle"

*Mustang loses by 5 car lengths*

Subaru Wagon driver: "good thing that race didn't have any turns"
by NSX4244 September 01, 2010
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A Ignorant Muscle car enthusiast that thinks only american muscle is the way to go. Some overdue it to the point where its only american v8's are good cars. "Notice how they wont talk about anything else besides the engine." Muscle car Junkies are often found hating on other peoples cars for no aparent reason, and cant tell a difference between a tuner and a ricer. They assume just because they saw a ricer with a Giant wing. Every Japanese car enthusiast is the same. Muscle car Junkies are not to be confused with the average Muscle car enthusiast that respects all other cars Or that just like american cars.A normal muscle car enthusiast that would see a (For example) A modified civic would ask him/her "What do you got under the hood? I like how your car isnt riced it actualy looks great too." While a muscle car junkie would say "RICER STUPID 4 BANGER GET A V8" They may even hate on other muscle cars because they think only THERE car is they best. Muscle car junkies also do not race in any other type of motorsport besides quarter mile drag racing. Some MAY perform in longer drags. Muscle car junkies are a disgrace to the car scene, the muscle car enthusiast, AND America period. If you run into them, Try to ignore them. Then they might have to go pick on some soccer mom driving a minivan to feel good about themselves.
Muscle car enthusiast: Nice civic What are you running under there? How much power?

Tuner car enthusiast: About 350 HP. It isnt bad at all. It handles well too. I have some suspension tuning on it that makes it handle great.

Muscle car enthusiast: It looks good too. No ricy bodykits. Just some nice Aero parts that function and look clean.

Tuner car enthusiast: Thanks I like your stang too. Must be fast.

Muscle car enthusiast: Yeah it is. Im running around the same amount of power as you. I like drag though. You drive anything else? I have Chevelle too.

Tuner car enthusiast: I have a Toyota Supra.

Muscle car Junkie: Well My Cammaro will beat all of you. My supercharged V8. Face me in a drag and see what happens. You ricer boy face me! You too! in the mustang ford sucks. My chevy will eat all of you!

Both the tuner and the muscle car enthusiast smoke the muscle car junkie leaving him at the line with his Burnt clutch from all of his useless burnouts.
by Tuner muscle alliance August 25, 2008
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