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A pimped out player who knows how to get his. While a murray kirman may only stand at about 5'6 he's atleast 7feet tall when laying on his back and his feet are wide as a bear's paw. Known for his exploitation of women and his extremly legendary large penis. Murray kirman is also known to punk a motherfucker in a split second, While rivaled by noone and praised by all, murray kirman is the definition of having "been there and done that" Also a murray kirman can be found in the city of Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles County usually representing himself as only a real G can in his "OLD GUYS RULE" T-Shirts and when asked about anything worth doing he can more than not be found answering with the only answer a beast of a man like himself can answer a question with "It was good, it was not great". Also this man's took a trip to the store at age 11 and his explorations and adventure's were captured in a 5 book series called The Death Dealer" written by Frank Frazetta. A murray kirman is also known by his bathroom shower which has been said to be big enough for 3 very large people but for his uses he can only squeeze himself, a slender thin woman and his extremely large penis in that mystical of all places where magic and sexual perfection is achieved.
"I gotta go work more rickshaw hours downtown so I can get murray kirman his money"
by thatguy1980 November 04, 2011
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