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n. A small-town law enforcement agency in some God-forsaken suburb that is almost always corrupt. The cops that work these jobs are generally geeky, suburban white guys that were picked-on in high school and never got laid -but were able to make the small-town political connections in order to get the job -which is the ultimate suburban power-trip. These cowboy cops are very accustomed to having their asses kissed by virtually everyone in the towns they serve because it offers political clout to the ass-kissing residents as well as a PBA card & "name-dropping" power that will get them out of a problem down the road. Residents that don't play this game nor pay the proper respect to these modern-day feudal lords will find themselves to be targets and, at some point, have some legal problems(usually trumped-up charges as punishment for not bowing-down) that will ultimately cost time and money.
Careful your speed. Don't wanna have to deal with any yahoos from this small town municipal police department.
by njsp7022 June 13, 2011
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