Any person that has large weight gains while having the munchies. They usually go straight for the fat foods such as Twinkies and cup cakes, once they find your food your out of luck. They also tend to leave some pleasant surprises in your toilet, so it's best to let them outside once their done eating.
"Max just ate 24 boxes of lucky charms, boy is he one big Munchie Monster"
by No§ March 23, 2010
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when you have the munchies and out of food, so you call up a friend or someone you sorta know and offer to smoke him up if he brings a pizza..
munchy monster: ring, ring..
random dude: yeah
mm: sup pimpin'.. wanna get blazed??
rd: hellz yeah
mm: aight.. loadin the bong right now.. oh yeah bring pizza.. ::click::
rd: dam munchy monster
by cleverati May 14, 2008
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