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Truly one of the best (if not the best) rock bands from Russia. Mostly known around the world for their hits "Utekai", "Nevesta", "Delphini" and their recent hit "RuDa". They also took part in the Eurovision Contest with their single "Lady Alpine Blue" which came 12th place (if im not mistaken)
The name of the band if translated directly would literally be "The Troll of The Mummies" although it is more reminiscent of the Tove Jansson characters, the Moomintrolls.
translated lyrics from song Utekai:

Flow away now,
There's a maniac by the gate waiting for us
He wants to put us on his hook
All the beautiful women have already lost their charms
The cars are in a park
and the gangsters are asleep
And now its just the two of us here left alone in fear
A couple of simplistic and young teenagers...

by mumiy troll
by ved12d3 February 13, 2008
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