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1. Multiple Personality Order is a common response to the largely conflicting views and ambitions pursued by different groups in the world, related to artistic "disinterestedness".

A condition in which the intelligent individual decides to order his or her mind by creating different personas to better associate with the various Single Personality people in the world.

It is often easier to accomplish by giving the different personalities their own ridiculous names to help in the mental transition.

2. A social order, or club, in which the members have multiple personalities, unlike most orders or clubs where everyone dresses the same way, thinks the same way, says the same boring nonsense and even eats the same snacks when they have their coffee breaks.

These are quite rare.

Student: "Hi Class, my name is David Cock, today I will be giving you a presentation on the effective use of arbitrage in the venuzuelan oil industry and the successful use of grassroots movements to overthrow tree-hugging presidents."

Harvard Business Professor: "But you're registered as Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu..."

Student: "I don't know what granola-eating nonsense is spewing from your underfed academic book-reading face, I have to pass your class on corporate sabotage or my dad will beat me, and nothing will stop me."

Classmate: " Oh there goes mother teresa again with her multiple personality order..."
by kidneyswap September 23, 2010
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