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A persistent need for/addiction to the presence of multiple cats, typically 4 or more, in one's home. Most prevalent in women over the age of 40 who are divorced, widowed, or just plain whack. Symptoms include loss of friends, furry socks, full-on conversations with Mr. Buttons, addiction to the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial on repeat, crying, crying some more, falling asleep with a bottle of wine in hand, waking up, crying some more, and rocking back and forth in a chair creepily at odd hours of the night. Multiple Cat Syndrome may also be prevalent in women under 40 who are screwy in the brain.
I thought Stephanie was a lesbo when she said she was marrying Kitty, but it turns out she has a screw loose and a bout of Multiple Cat Syndrome.
by Strattonuts July 25, 2016
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