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1. you ask questions over and over again.
2. you are a red head who has no red headed parents
3. Grandma Polly lives right next to you.
4. Your a slea slaw.
5. And you take 20 baths a day.

the cure is in these steps...

1. As a question once even if it kills you.
2. Ask your mom if you have any red heads in your family.
3. Ask why Grandma Polly lives next to you.
4. don't be a slea slaw.
5. don't take more than 2 baths a day.
"Don't you see that red headed slea slaw next to grandma polly's house. She must have the 'mulch disease'!" said Molly. "yah she asked me over and over again at school if i had a spare towel after her 12th shower at school after gym!" said Jamie
by CharliesKitty June 24, 2009
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