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Muff paste
The sticky liquid that can be harvested from your lady friends vagina.
It is a multi purpose liquid that can be refined for different situations.
Among other meanings it is the congealed white paste caught in a mans pubic hair after a good sex session.
Clinical studies have revealed that there is a link between hotness and potentness of muff paste. The hotter the lady friend the better the muff paste. Ratten lady friends produce lower quality muff paste.
During studies no animals were harmed. All muff paste tests were conducted under international muff regulations which confirm to the muff study of 1992.
Example 1: It can be used for ailments and ointments. If it is pure clean muff paste it can be used as an antiseptic healing cream like sudocreme / germolene.
Example 2: Depending on its viscosity rating you could use it as engine oil. Lubrication is a good property.
Example 3: It can be used as a crack filling product like polyfiller. Leaving a surface that can be painted over for the perfect smooth finish.
Example 4: Stinky muff paste of the worst kind could be used as a weapon of mass destruction (WMDofMUFF) causing world chaos.

Health and Safety warning: Muff paste samples should only be handled by highly trained wasters.
Goggles should be warn at all time when handling muff paste.
Never ingest the muff paste fumes and alert emergency services of any direct contact with muff paste.
Copyright: Boys from Bangor (x3).
I was bucking your ma last night and she produced some mighty fined muff paste.
We are now harvesting your ma!
by Muff_Paste_master June 14, 2014
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