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When a guy is comfortably reclining (on a bed, in a chaise lounge, or any other suitable seating device) with a raging throbber, and his lady-friend walks into the room, coyly strolls up to him and his veiny bastard, and acts as if she's about to sit on his dick, fulfilling his wildest sexual fantasies. HOWEVER, instead of gently lowering herself upon him, she takes a gigantic, steaming shit on his member, and triumphantly walks out. Thus, the man is left with blue balls covered in a pile of steaming, brown mess, and the woman emerges victorious.
Samantha saw her boyfriend make out with another girl at the bar, so when she and her boyfriend got home, she gave him a muddy throbber.
by manipulativebastard69 December 31, 2013
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