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someone who constantly fails at everyday activities that are not difficult to complete. People who are "Muck Suckers" are unaware, or oblivious of everything they fail to do. These people are the ones who give America a bad name, the people who DESERVE to live in a cardboard can outside the residential Walgreen's.
Arnold : "Yo, Pete. Look at that muck sucker trying to eat the perfume samples. Haha, I bet he sucks some serious muck."
Pete : "Oh, frick a dick, no doubt."
by McSackdrop October 16, 2010
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A term used for a person who cannot stop themself putting dirty things in their mouth.
"Bloody hell,I caught Ethel in the bins again!! She's a rite ruddy mucksucker of that there is no doubt, I can tell you."

'Jeremy knew he was letting his compulsion to put dirty things in his mouth get the better of him. It occured to him when he could not stop himself from thinking about chewing on a used condom he passed by whilst on his way to work that morning. "I am a dirty Mucksucker" he whispered to himself, "but damn I like it."'
by REV. Spoons Feltchmurkin February 01, 2008
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