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Used as a name for the snobbiest, richest, most unattainable suburb in New South Wales, Australia. When people are jealous of those who are living in the beautiful hillside, people may say "They think they're so great, living up on dog hill" as Warrigal means "wild dog" in Aboriginal language. Mt Warrigal, located in the Illawarra, has become so renowned for it's beauty and large house prices that it has been adapted into common Australian language.
Old fisherman by the lake: One day, I'm going to live on that beautiful hill over there...
Other fisherman: Keep dreaming!!! You have as much chance of living there as you do living in Mt Warrigal!!!
Old fisherman by the lake: If only, oh well, no point dwelling on dreams...
by RosalieSmith01 July 10, 2011
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