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The shittiest fucking school ever. The kids are either rich white privileged fucks trying to act hood or “hicks” who consider north bend to be “neck of the woods” when 10 minutes away theres suburban neighborhoods. Guys who graduated and stay in the valley still party with highschoolers and date freshman. The teachers are also shit because they have to deal with shit head kids everyday and dont forget the jocks who think they run the school. Fuck Mt Si and the shit ass town its built in.
Guy: Look at that 20 year old with a huge truck and a freshman girlfriend
Other guy: Yeah he must've gone to Mt Si Highschool
by yourmomsahoe420 September 18, 2018
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A school full of kids desperately trying to be hicks. For fun, The students go sit in the parking lot of QFC with their lifted trucks, And try to look like hard asses.
Mt Si High School colors: Red, Black, And Camo
by Mt Si March 09, 2011
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