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An idiotic science teacher obsessed with hurricanes, aliens and rocks. He is a legitimate rock enthusiast. Mr.Papagni teaches 7th grade. He enjoys clapping at people in the halls, singing about being late to class, and lets not forget he gives out detention like they’re candy! He likes to hold his 9th period class for 2 1/2 minutes and makes them almost miss the bus. He is clueless and horrible. He is also afraid of germs. He has a tape line by his desk that you can’t cross otherwise you will get vaporized. He has his own paper towels that he uses whenever he touches something that may be a little dirty and he has his own sink. He also jumps back 5 feet if someone coughs. In the end he’s completely awful.
Mr.Papagni is an idiot. He gave me detention for smiling.
by #thebestfriendever June 15, 2018
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