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A character who appeared on Youtube in 2008-2009. He dresses in a Ghostface costume with the hood sticking straight up to resemble a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Mr. Pointyhead, as stated in his profiles, is a guy who gets drunk all the time, high all the time, and makes stupid videos and posts them on Youtube. He is also a racist, sexist, judgmental, and all-around bigot. He often starts fights with people just for fun, and aims to just push people's buttons, other than make them laugh. Mr. Pointyhead started off on Youtube, but then started making accounts on such sites as Myspace and Myyearbook, in order to boost his popularity and be more known. He has stated in a video that he hates Facebook and Twitter, which is why he doesn't have a profile on those sites. He also has an Xbox Live account, which he is almost never active on. He is most active on Youtube which is where he started. Mr. Pointyhead has claimed recently that he may not be doing anymore videos, due to him running out of ideas, and also the character not becoming popular as he thought.
"Yo man have you ever heard of Mr. Pointyhead? on Youtube?"

"Oh yeah, that guy who dresses in the Ghostface robe? Yeah he's pretty funny."
by Stoopid Monkey February 08, 2010
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