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Mr. Jacklecrophs is an amazing, wonderful, loyal, supportive, fluffy, dark brown, mediem sized stuffed monkey that is a perfect boyfriend for any mentally unstable teenage girl. He will always be there if you want to cuddle or just need someone to vent to. He is a wonderful listener and will never tell you something you don't want to hear or judge you. You would be very lucky to find a Mr. Jacklecrophs being that there is only one true Mr. Jacklecrophs in the whole wide world. However, if you did - by some miracle from the Lord - find THE Mr. Jacklecrophs you will immediately recognize him because he is clearly the sexiest, most handsome and attractive stuffed animal ever.
Good luck on you quest to find Mr. Jacklecrophs, for he is your destined lover for life.
by Miss Captain Kirk September 26, 2016
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