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Mr. DingleBurg is a lonely dirty household object replaced by a swiffer. You might have seen Mr. DingleBurg on the swifter commercial wishing he was more usefull. After the commercial he was placed in a dumpster which brings us back to the beggining. Once he was found he was so content to have a home to clean untill he saw the swiffer that day we made him happy by replacing the swiffer with Mr. DingleBurg. We let him do the honors.
Person #1- What is that dirty busted lumpy duster in your closet?
Person#2- Oh that's just my duster Mr. DingleBurg.
Mr. DingleBurg- Hey that's not very nice to call me names.
Person#1- Uh you should replace him with a swiffer.
Person#2- Don't you dare talk about Mr. DingleBurg like that again.
Mr. DingleBurg- Why does everyone hate me? Booohooo Ahhhhh!l
by Mel-May-Ham May 17, 2009
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