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The nickname used by former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to refer to the former American president George W. Bush. Chavez called Bush "Mr. Danger" whenever he was in a good mood or just tired of calling him “The Devil”. Interestingly, the dub “Mr. Danger” comes from a classic Latin American novel, “Doña Bárbara”, written by the Venezuelan author Rómulo Gallegos and first published in 1929. In the novel, Guillermo Danger, also referred to as Míster Danger, is a perfidious and symbolic character that represents the threats of imperialism to the young Venezuelan Republic. So folks, lets face it: Chavez might have done many crazy things but he did pass his literature lesson.
Chavez in 2006: “To say it to you in my bad English: You are a donkey, Mr. Danger. You are a donkey, Mr George W Bush."
by Rufino Pincharratas March 19, 2013
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