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The octogenarian, hyper, dancing mascot for Six Flags theme parks that danced to the Venga Boys song "We Like To Party". He became popular in 2004 with the launch of the ad campaign by Six Flags Incorporated. The mascot had appearances on many popular TV shows, and wild speculation of the mascot's true identity and age ran amok. The mascot became so popular that he even has a roller coaster named after him at Six Flags New England: Mr. Six's Pandemonium. After two years of service, Mr. Six has been "killed off" by Daniel Snyder. Dan Snyder won control of SFI in December of 2005, and stated that he will put an end to the campaign since it "delivers a confused message to the consumer" and "does not work effectively to draw in parents and their children."

Many amusement park enthusiast are crying foul at the death of Mr. Six. He was a mascot that wreaked of fun, and will be missed by many. His campaign will be replaced by one that centers around the slogan "Clean, Safe, Fun".
Hey, do you know that old, dancing Six Flags guy?
Yea! I love Mr. Six!

I just rode Mr. Six's Pandemonium and it's crazy fun!
by rjholla2003 December 14, 2005
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The crazy old guy who is the mascot for Six Flags. He wears thick black glasses, black tuxedo and a red bow tie. He is bald. Due to popular belief, he is not a real person but a person in a costume
Did you see Mr. Six on that roller coaster? I think he was having a heart attack
by Pedro Gomez September 05, 2005
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