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Sometimes called RJ. Mr. Richard Sugar Daddy is just a really tall Pimp with massive shoulders, he has the funds to be a real sugar daddy but he would rather be a durry daddy (giving girls cigarettes in trade for sexual pleasure). He has one girl, or eagle in mind but is called Sugar Daddy by another. He also minds if people hit that yeet. His hobbies include acting gay with a particular friend and playing ode to joy on a not tuned guitar. His favorite word is Creampie and he can't be in a skype call without making weird inhumane noises.
'What are you fucking gay?' - Boii
'Well Rafe's man tits look pretty good but no' -Mr. Richard Sugar Daddy

'OOH I like you, let me serenade you with ode to joy'- Mr. Richard Sugar Daddy

'Sugar Daddy give me that sugar hun' -Sugar Baby
by crushtheseescapingwords November 19, 2016
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