Otherwise known as Fonsworth Bentley, Mr. Bentley is a newly signed member to kanye west's G.O.O.D. music label. Aside from hosting several television shows and documentaries, he has an annoying habit of popping up in random videos.(see Outkast's "the way you move, Roses" or KanYe's "selfish." MR. Bentley is known for his great sense of fashion, and recently produced his single on the good music mix tape entitled "laid back."
Please Note:
1.He isn’t stupid. The man has a biology degree. (Although what that has to do with music I don't know.)
2. He is one of the few rappers that avoid slurring their words, and every word he spits in his song has clear diction, so you can actually understand him.
"That Mr. Bentley is one smooth nigga."
"Stop trying to steal the spotlight like Mr. Bentley."
by Thusano The Great September 27, 2006
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