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Mr Sark is a phenomenal YouTuber who posts brilliantly crafted videos that are funny , and entertaining , with excellent editing added to the mix. He is Most known for his Serpentine which is a stylish form of evasive maneuvers in the way of the Serpent. He is also known for Blair Witching which is act deprived from the movie "The Blair Witch Project" where one stands eerily and creepily in the corner . He is best known for his CS:GO , Elite Sniper III , Verdun , and G-Mod (Prophunt , Deathrun , Hide n Seek , and Murder) videos. He has over 1Million subscribers to his YouTube channel (Mr Sark) and is continuing to Grow .
Kyle: Hey Jimmy! can you name a Youtuber better than VanossGaming , PewDiePie , Markiplier , and Smosh COMBINED ?

Jimmy: he he that's a Simple one Kyle .

Kyle: So then what's the answer?

Jimmy: Mr Sark of course !
by Darkspike75 June 24, 2016
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