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A moving target is where you set your expectation for something - some task, or evidence for some idea, and then when it is met you 'move the target' and set another expectation.

Which means that the the person you have the expectation of is never able to reach the target.
Jim set up a moving target for Mary. Every time Mary met Jim's expectation Jim would move the target and expect more.

Bob: "Show me just one piece of evidence for evolution."
Bill Shows his evidence.
Bob: "Oh, yeah? Show me three pieces of evidence for evolution."
Bill shows three more.
And so on...

Frank (being rather hostile toward her employee, Sarah) told Sarah that she'd only be a decent employee if she could do X. Sarah showed that she could do X and so Frank set another skill that he thought Sarah didn't have, and so on...
by I like to be reasonable August 05, 2011
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A person who posts videos on YouTube (see youtuber) and who is of Irish decent or currently has a permanent residence in Ireland.
He is a MovingTarget.
Did you know he was a MovingTarget?
by jsvcycling October 04, 2011
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