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Mousegh is an extremely old Armenian boys name, that can be dated back to around 350 B.C.

Every Mousegh you meet is an extremely fun person. They can be dark at times, but they're only kidding around. Because of their "odd-sounding" name, Mouseghs get made fun of constantly. The thing is, they don't care anymore. Mouseghs used to be very shy when they were younger. Now that they are all grown up, they are funny, loud, and simply just don't care about what others think of them. Mouseghs hold their friends close and beat their enemies with their humour and kindness.
They also have an unbelievable amount of nicknames.

If your not Mousegh's friend, don't make him mad, or you'll suffer endless annoyance that he will never let go of.
Brittany: Wow, how stupid can you be? You can't even afford my new 600$ shoes.
Other Popular Scum: Ha ha loser
Mousegh: I have better things to do then waste money on shoes. Excuse me while I stop giving a fuck.
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by VeggieSkrubs May 05, 2016
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