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Mount Skeetmore is the legendary mountain where the Skeet Friends had an epic battle against their enemies, the Deuce Droppers. The battle had nothing to do with fighting though, all they did was do what they were good at. The Skeet Friends masturbated and squirted semen on their opponents, and the deuce droppers crapped on their opponent. It was an even, and disgusting, fight but in the end the Deuce Droppers were sticky and covered in semen and the Skeet Friends prevailed. There were no fatalities, but it was not a pretty site.

The Skeet Friends and the Deuce Droppers both felt that what the other did was wrong. The Skeet Friends masturbated and ejaculated in public, and the Deuce Droppers dropped their pants and dropped deuces (Crapped) in public. However the Deuce Droppers were less liked because they made the place stink. The Skeet Friends just made the place sticky, but their goal was to promote peace. All the Deuce Droppers did was get people mad. The leader of the Skeet Friends was Skeet Magee, and the leader of the deuce droppers was Deputy Deuce.

Mount SkeetMore would have been named Mount Deucemore if the Deuce Droppers would have beat the Skeet Friends.

(Farnsworth, after walking into a McDonalds bathroom covered in feces, and semen from the floor to the ceiling)
"Oh my god, I declare Mount Skeetmore on this bathroom!!! ahhhh!!!" (Runs away crying)
by David Skeet Jr. May 04, 2008
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