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Mount Misery Road is a long, winding road in the pinelands of south jersey. it just goes on and on and on and is rumored to never stop, just go around in circles. I've been down it before. It does go in circles. It's very creepy. Along it is the pinelands center, a methodist camp during the summer and a school environmental retreat during the school year. its one of the most amazing places on earth. the jersey devil and blond haired lady is fake. i went there on a school retreat. across the street from the cabin/dining hall area is a athletics field and the green cathedral. its not haunted. there are green benches and a cross because this is where the methodist kids who come there in the summer have sunday mass. its very beautiful. there are beautiful trails and lots of pine trees and animals. there is a huge lake that is amazing. its a really great place. there's a lot of scary rumors about it but they're not true. i've been there. i survived! its awesome!
mount misery and mount misery road (new jersey) is very creepy but awesome!
by i<3anime July 02, 2011
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