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Often referred to as MoFo or Mount Fuktoyaktuk, Mount Forest Ontario is a small town of about 5500 people that proclaims to be "HIGH, HAPPY and HEALTHY". Upon entering the south side of town on Highway 6, one will see the tower bearing these words.
Mount Forest is a quaint town loaded with rednecks. Most homes have a pickup truck in the driveway and the mullet is still in style here. OV and Crystal are very popular beers, and fine dining can be found at Scott's Pizza Burger on the north side of town. A trip to the smallest Canadian Tire on the planet, and you may get a glimpse of a horse and buggy in the parking lot. If you are new to Mount Forest, make friends with those who are like you. The old-timers are not particularly fond of the new folk that come to town. This may be because of the vast number of cottagers travelling through the town during the summer season clogging up their grocery stores and gas stations.
MoFo Mount Fuktoyaktuk high happy healthy Mount Forest Ontario
by gastech August 10, 2010
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